Sunday, January 12, 2014

I have to mention vacation

2 weeks into the new year already
Resolutions broken or on hold already

But let's back up a little to just a quick recap of Christmas time.
My little family went on vacation - for real.  For the first time ever we spent Christmas away from my family, in another state with my husbands family.  We actually planned more than a day or two at a time away from work and drove 25 hours straight to The Sunflower State, Kansas.
We drove through Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma arriving in Cherryvale on Friday Morning - the day before the main event, our niece Taylor's wedding. We missed any bad weather on our drive there, thank you Lord - but brought with us freezing cold temps and an ice storm.  
It was a blessing to be able to stay with my husbands sister, Tina and her family. After resting a while from our drive we had lunch with Justin's mom at a burger place called Braums. It had been a long time since we'd seen her. That evening we attended the wedding rehearsal dinner, met some of the family friends and enjoyed fried chicken and cake. We awoke on Saturday to freezing cold temps and what I thought was beautiful, sparkly ice on everything - icicles hanging off the house, trees and vehicles. We are not used to start up our cars 20 minutes before you need to go somewhere, and scrapping and chipping the ice off your windows. My sister in law doesn't own a coffee maker!! Shock! Whaaat! No way right?  But the great host that she is was kind enough to have already gone out and picked up plenty of coffee and breakfast. That afternoon was Taylor and Kenan's Christmas themed wedding. The church was simply, beautifully decorated with lighted Christmas trees, candles, pine and bows. The background music was christmasy too, with a small, 3 piece (I think) brass instruments and piano. Taylor looked beautiful in her moms wedding dress, redesigned to her taste. She has such an easy way about her, seeming genuinely happy, relaxed and confident in this day, in this decision she had made. The reception was comfortable and fun with great food, soup bar - delicious and gorgeous Christmas wedding sugar cookies - mmm mmm and some dancing fun for some at the end.
Sunday morning was another big day - we woke up early to drive to Kansas City, MO. to see the Kansas City Chiefs play at Arrowhead stadium. The roads we icy and scary (IMO) When we arrived at the stadium it was so fun to see all the fans there - everyone in the Chiefs gear all in red! We'd been to Chiefs games before when they were playing California teams, so this was exciting to be on the home turf. My husband is a man of few words, few expressions but I knew he was excited for this day - I could feel it. It was a happy, great family time and I am thankful to his sister Tina for the tickets she gave him for his birthday. It was a dream come true for him. It was freezing at the game, about 20 degrees, but windy and icy. The seats were mostly frozen shut and people were chipping away at the ice but luckily our seats were in a covered pavilion that was a little more bearable then other seats, but no matter - the place was packed and loud and full of energy. There came a point where it just became too cold to stay and we walked back to our truck stiffly, frozen, sniffling and happy that we came.