Friday, December 6, 2013

You make beautiful things

My daughter made my blog pretty! So I have to post something -
I'm pretty computer illiterate - but she's a wiz.  I (all too often) ask her to help me with things on the computer, even putting songs on my iPod.
I thought a blog would be a great outlet and I'd have all these things to say - opinions, ideas...but the thoughts get tangled and seem overwhelming sometimes. It would be so ideal if I just knew how to keep things simple. My mind is either a list: 1, 2, 3, or a novel - words upon words, there's seems to be no in between and that is what keeps me from writing down anything at all most times. I think a blog should be personal, but how much to say?  And then the focus of the subject matter - what I think about, what my interests are...what do I like? I like food and I like running, but can these always be the topic? How many times can I talk about these things geesh! I wonder why I am wired this way - why I have the interest that I have? Is this Gods plan, is He making something beautiful out of this stuff? I can only hope and have faith that He is.
Struggle with weight, self / body image has been a constant for me. Most days I feel like clean eating has helped me find a balance I can live with where food is concerned - not everyday, not all the time, but enough to keep me sticking to it, even when I have a "special" dinner out or something I can (more easily) pick up eating real food again - it's food that I like and enjoy anyway.
Exercise, oh exercise I don't like you - but running...suddenly something I want to do! My body does not agree but my heart pitter-patters at the thought! My legs, ankle (see previous post), hips (SI joint dysfunction), all think that running is a bad idea.  Lately I have been doing anything I can to stay at it, even just a mile or 2 a day, a walk, with the dog - but I know it is not enough considering I have a soon approaching half marathon. What will happen...everyone says they just push through the pain, the weather and adversity and just tough it out.
I don't know what else to say right now and I would like to learn to just blog whatever comes and not push to some great novel or epiphany with each entry - just what's on my mind right now:
1. A personal medical issue
2. I am making chili - mmm
3. I just signed up for Spotify and can look up and play any song I want, they have pretty much everything even old stuff from childhood that my family loved as kids (listening to Sweet Comfort Band (1990) right now)
4. God makes beautiful things out of us - I am more than food and exercise and I know that God has a plan in all of this, all the things I like, go through etc...   

Okay, TTFN

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